We’re the Morse brothers, Stephen and Kevin. We’re both pastors, and we’re passionate about Jesus Christ and his church. If you’ve found our blog, it’s probably safe to assume you know what we’re doing here. Our goals are to write about and discuss the Gospel of Jesus Christ, living in his church, and throwing the word, scattering seeds throughout our lives so that we can watch our glorious God at work.


Stephen and his family

Steve’s the older brother, by a lot. By old, I mean he’s practically doddering around and will be senile soon, if he isn’t already (it’s hard to tell). He’s been pastoring for a couple decades now, and lives in the beautiful farmland of North Dakota. He has a beautiful family that cares for him in his ancient decrepitude.


Kevin and his family

Kevin’s the younger brother. He’s burdened with all the brains and the good looks in this partnership, but he carries that burden well (in fact, he makes it look good). Kevin’s a pastor in the rolling hills of Tennessee, near Nashville.

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