The Soundtrack of my life!

Sleep, lay me down, hold me closely in your arms and I will close my eyes…” From the day I first heard this song on one of Dan Seals’ albums, something resonated deep in my soul as the voices of Dan and Emmylou Harris blended together into what I still believe is some of the most amazing harmony I have ever heard. I couldn’t stop listening to that song and it because a permanent resident of the soundtrack of my life. (Do you remember those mail order deals where you promise to buy 3 cassettes for regular price and they will send you like a thousand cassette albums for a penny?) THIS one song cost me that penny plus whatever else I needed to buy to get it.

Please, promise me that when I wake up from my dreams you’ll be there by my side…” This song haunted me while I was attending the Art Institute of Atlanta. Loneliness and immaturity marked those years but this song held the promise of that One who would be mine. When the time came, this was one of those songs that wooed my wife. As a matter of fact, when I met her all the lyrics became flesh and blood. She was the One and I knew it. This melody and her harmony took my breath away.

Here, in my reach, I can see the one that I have waited for so long…” Just when I thought my life had been as blessed as possible, this song took my soundtrack to a whole new level! Less than two years later I was still singing this song to my bride… but now… to her tummy! Who knew that this lullaby would actually be our lullaby? Who would’ve thought that this goofy, lazy, pathetic excuse for a man would become a father? But there I was. I had no idea what I was supposed to think much less do but one thing I was sure of – “I won’t rest until I know that you will be here in the morning by my side…

I’m the kind of guy who can listen to a song a million times and not tire of it (ask my kids about a certain trip to Michigan and John Legend’s ‘All of Me’). I sang Lullaby so many times a day that when Hannah was born I could sing it to her and she would calm down IMMEDIATELY. As our life went on and our family grew this song remained the same. On long family trips I would turn the radio down (long before playlists and iTunes) and begin to sing this song and within moments there would be peaceful silence.

It is a magic song that way. As the years have moved on and the kids have moved out I still play this song to remember when life was perfect and time still stands still. Even as I sit here in the quiet library at a table surrounded by newspapers and old Louis L’amours I can feel the emotions rise and dadgummit there must be someone on the next aisle disturbing the dust because I think I got something in my eye (I’m not crying… you’re crying!).

Love, if you say you won’t slip away, then I can go dreaming of forever more…” Yes sir, this is a magic song and it brings me right back here to the beginning… Sweetheart, I know the rest of our precious blessings will move on, and I am so proud of how well they demonstrate the way our voices, our choices, our passions, and our Faith in Christ have blended together in their souls. They are our soundtrack and I want to keep pushing the ‘sound go backward’ button for the rest of my life.

Hannah – I wanted to tell you this that time you made me dance with you… but I couldn’t. I still can’t but I hope writing this will serve as a suitable replacement. Morsels, you are truly blessings from the Lord and Mom and I have been more than rewarded by your lives. Amy – We celebrated 28 years of marriage this year and they have been as if no time has passed whatsoever because of how much I desperately love you. Lord Jesus – The longer I live this life that you’ve given to me, the richer your promises become and I am so very thankful for your mercy and grace.

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