What was Jesus Thinking; Part 3 – Psalm 22

This evening we will be switching gears in our study. Over the past weeks we have looked at Psalm 22 (Part 1 and Part 2) and focused on the physical and mental suffering of Jesus on the cross. Tonight we will be looking at three things that Jesus never forgot while He was on the cross. After the video, take some time with your families to discuss some of the things that you might have learned. Below the video I have provided a series of questions that I typically use with my family to guide our discussion. I have also provided a couple of praise songs that you can use to express your praise together and then make sure you close your time with prayer to the Trustworthy, Sovereign, and ever Faithful Father!

Discussion Questions –
• Question 1 – What was something in this study that stood out to you? It might be something you didn’t know before or something that made you wonder.
• Question 2 – Did this study make you think of another part of the Bible? Did it remind you of something in the Old Testament or somewhere else in the New Testament?
• Question 3 – What did you learn about Jesus in this study? Something that you want to learn more about or something that your didn’t realize before.
• Question 4 – What does our study have to do with the Gospel, the Good News of salvation? What kinds of things did we talk about that help us understand how to be saved or what it means to be saved?

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