What Happened to the 12 Disciples?

Tonight we will be exploring the ends of the lives of the 12 disciples. This is something that I have often wondered about and it was very helpful to see what history there is concerning the deaths of the men who walked with the Lord. For most of them, they definitely considered the reproach of Christ greater wealth than the riches of this world! Oh that we would see and understand the value of knowing Christ!

So sit your family down, have your bibles ready and let’s look at the lives of men who loved the Lord to death!

When you’re finished, take some time to talk with your family about: 1) something that stood out to you, 2) something that reminded you of something in the Bible, 3) what you learned about Jesus, and 4) what this has to do with the Gospel (what does this have to do with being saved or forgiven, grace, sin, the love of God, redemption etc)

Close in prayer for your family, our congregation, and that the Gospel would reach our community.

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