Why Do We Need Ezra?

Join us as Pastor Steve answers this question.

Maybe for some of you, the book of Ezra is a part of the Bible that is a bit murky for you. It certainly was for me! I knew all of the early stories – Creation, Fall, Exodus, Samson, David and Goliath, Solomon the wise, and even Isaiah’s great vision of heaven where the Cherub took a coal and touched his mouth to purify him. I knew that there were kings and rulers and such that lived and ruled for years between David and the New Testament but the books that come after Psalms were just not a part of the Bible that I read. It is possible that somewhere in my mind I understood that Esther and Daniel’s history fell with-in this time but since they weren’t set in Israel I didn’t know how they worked. In this episode we are going to look at a couple of passages in the Old Testament story that will help us to see how the Children of God ended up living in Babylon.


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