Jude 5-7 – The Letter Jude Did Write…

In the most recent Podcast, Pastor Steve tells us about how Jude wanted to write another letter, one that presented the gospel. Something happened that caused him to write a letter of warning and correction – In the verses that we are going to look at this morning, Jude will begin to describe the end of these ungodly people. He does it by turning to the Old Testament.

This is really significant for us, this kind of reference to the Old Testament ought to encourage and challenge us. Jude is going to encourage and challenge these Christians by using the example and instruction of a book that was written 1500-2000 years before their time AND it is completely relevant to them!

Pastor Steve asks us: “What does that have to do with us?” It ought to be obvious. We are looking at Jude, a book that was written less than 2000 years ago for our encouragement and instruction, and IT is completely relevant! The Word of God is definitely profitable and relevant to us and for us! Join us as we continue our series on the Epistle of Jude.


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