I have cried for a long time preparing for your wedding…

“Having twins is the best!” 

Your twin reminded us of this at your rehearsal dinner and it is so true. Ever since you and Emily were born I have been amazed at the energy that you two have when you’re together. When you were good, you were really, really good. When you were bad, it was terrible! 

The way you love each other is so dynamic. The joy in your voices and the spark in your eyes when you are happy was only, ever, matched by the growl in your throat and the fire in your eye when you were at each other’s throats. 

You both made mom and I so very happy. We always wondered what would happen when some guy came and split you up. We found out sooner than we dreamed when Hank took Emily from us and it hurt us in ways that we couldn’t have imagined; but you were such a champion for them! I thought that you would’ve been broken and despairing, alone and lost, but you weren’t. You showed such poise and grace, demonstrating the very best of what a twin is – wanting Emily to be happy and rejoicing in her life with Hank. I cried then…

Since then, you have lived with me, both of us knowing that one day Joe would take you away. You have continued to love me with a single-minded intensity that has made accepting Joe so much easier than I thought it would be. If I were to make a list of the things that you have done to remind me of the grace of God and of His kindness towards me it would be long indeed but I will only list three of them (dag-gummit… I got something in my eye… hold on while I get a Kleenex):

First – you are your mother’s daughter – always reminding me to look to Christ, who is the Author and Finisher of our faith, and demonstrating her servant’s heart. The way that you live out the Gospel has excited us when we think of the blessing you will be to Joe. THIS is what marriage is supposed to demonstrate – the way God loves us in Christ!

Second – Mom and I have often spoken with each other of your willingness to submit to us and to listen and follow our guidance. Your soft-hearted smile and your tender refusal to compromise gave us confidence of the Spirit’s work in your life – even when I was harsh, you were ever, only gracious and kind. 

Third – even though it has only been three days… I miss my little girl so much. Your smile, your gentle hug with your head on my shoulder, and my cup of tea before bed… I’m not crying, you’re crying… no wait… I AM crying… just like I have every evening for the past two months as I prepared to write this post and thought of the reality that the God who cares for me has really cared for me through you all these years – Do not ever forget whose little girl you are!

I am so very thankful for that and for all of the ways that He will care for Joe and your children through you! I love you baby!

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