Psalm 29 – When God Raises His Voice

In the most recent Podcast, Pastor Steve shows us how psalm 29 is an anthem that proclaims the grandeur of the voice of the Lord. As a matter of fact, this psalm rolls right along like the rolling of thunder. Each phrase pounding our senses like the thunder that pounds our ear.

There is a very real, raw aspect in the thought of hearing someone’s voice. It doesn’t say God’s ‘word’ as in some intangible aspect of communication. It is talking about the actual process of making words! God HAS spoken! Steve wants us to notice the movement of this psalm – It moves through the northern kingdom and on down into Judea, past the place of worship and then out into the southern desert! It is over many waters. His voice is like a raging ocean storm building up off the coast and terrible! His voice moves through the coastal region, destroying great trees and causing so much destruction that it is as if the very land is shaking and moving. His voice is so much more than thundering – as it moves across the land lightning flashes and explodes everywhere!

This is the voice that needs to be heard in our families. This is the voice that Christ brings to our hearts. LISTEN!—When-God-Raises-His-Voice-e12svpk

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