Simply speaking of Christ’s perfection!

The premise for the title and theme of the website is the simplicity of speaking of Christ. I will constantly emphasize that we are only, ever, one sentence from sharing the Gospel. In Mark 4:26-29, Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is like a farmer who throws the seed on the ground and then he goes on with his life and the seed grows on its own. Our website is an out working of this gracious work in our lives. It is my hope that the content that you find here will help you to simply and naturally share the Good News of God’s grace with everyone you already talk with everyday.

Kevin and I have shared this platform before and we want to use this format to encourage our congregations in the Gospel work. Our goal is to present opportunities to demonstrate how the Living and Active Word of God engages the heart and mind as we live in this world. Join us as we see Christ’s Kingdom expand into our families and communities.

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