Watch God at Work

So, for my first post here I’m going to shamelessly recommend that you stop what you’re doing and watch this video of Tim Keessee from the Ligonier Conference last week.

I know, right? My first post on the blog and I’m not even writing anything myself. How lame is that? Well, one of the joys of being a Christian is getting to watch God at work. That’s another fundamental belief behind ‘throwing the word’: God is active and working today, in our world. Our duty isn’t to change hearts, but sow seeds and watch what God does through his word and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I know a lot of Christians who are discouraged because of how grim things look in our culture, and it’s true. There’s so much darkness, so much sin. I’m not going to deny that, or put on one of those sleep masks and my headphones and just listen to some hipster folk music, but I also think we have to recognize that God’s not losing. He’s winning! He’s working and active, and he’s called us to be a part of that through our faithfulness to him and his word.

No one shows how God is active and at work today, around the world, better than Tim Keesee. If you’ve never seen any of his videos, Dispatches From the Front, you are seriously missing out on some joy and edification in Jesus Christ.

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