Why I Didn’t Cry During Your Wedding

Well, dearest daughter… I KNEW that I wouldn’t make it through the ceremony if I didn’t take some precautions. I really learned my lesson with Spencer – “do not put sentimental stuff in the liturgy!”

It is well that I heeded my own counsel because, from the moment I saw you after I walked your mother down the aisle, I was tang-toungled!

You were so beautiful there in the sunlight, surrounded by your entourage.

There has only been one other woman who has captured my attention like that and the very reason that you do is because of her.

There are a treasure trove of things that would’ve brought tears to my eyes and choked me up:

1. Remembering your twinkling eyes as you promised me your undying, 4-year old, love! Desperately denying the potential for ANY other man to EVER win your sweet little heart! (Um… your pants seem to be on fire dearest…)

2. Comforting that tender, broken heart whenever it had been broken by the tragic nature of life (mostly by your brutally insensitive brothers).

3. Listening to your excited stories of something or other and having my heart catch every time I heard that soft lisp that often accompanied the giggles and smirks.

4. Enjoying the wonder that would explode any time joy filled your soul.

5. Basking in the pleasure of the radiance of your smile and soaking up the love and compassion of your tears.

6. This stinking list… the tears are flowing freely and I haven’t even really gotten started. There is NO WAY I could’ve done this during the wedding.

7. Walking you through the beginnings of your life with Hank – From your outright laughter and embarrassment at the possibility of having him pursue you, to the mature response of love and grace and on to the commitment to glorify and enjoy your Lord Jesus Christ together with him…

Princess… we are pleased. Your mother and I, fully and whole-heartedly, praise Christ for you and Hank. My soul is satisfied in the gift of grace that God has given to both of you and I cannot say enough that I Love You dearly!

I will miss you on my lap… with your head on my shoulder and a smile on your face!

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